• Temecula

    No need to go to up to Napa Valley for great wineries and gorgeous scnenery... We have our very own here in SoCal!

    Temecula, CA is quickly becoming a new favorite for everyone and its getting quite the buzz. This small quaint town is making its mark on the map, and attracting visitors from near and far. Everyone is loving its wineries, bed and breakfast, local eateries, and its beautiful rolling hills and countryside estates. 

  • Murrieta

    Murrieta is just the next city over from Temecula and offers many of the same great schools, and neighborhoods! Just minutes away and some areas blend right into Temecula. 

    Murrieta is known for its great outdoor activities, hiking and bike trails, sports, golfing, horseback riding and equestrian properties, wineries, and farmers market. 

    Like Temecula, it's a wonderful place to raise a family!

    Did I mention that Murrieta was ranked within the top #10 of the safest cities in the CA!